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The Multi-Sector Pension Plan (MSPP) is a multi-employer pension Target Benefit Plan. It is expected to cover all of those CUPE and SEIU workplaces where, until now, it has been hard, if not impossible, to find a good registered pension plan. So, if you have no existing plan to join, the MSPP is for you.

Pension benefits from the MSPP are paid exclusively from the accumulation of MSPP contributions and investment earnings. The employer's only responsibility is to ensure that pension contributions are made and to supply the Plan with the information necessary to meet its legal commitments. Neither CUPE nor the SEIU have any responsibility for the payment of benefits.

An administrative Fund Office has been retained to carry out the day-to-day operations of the Plan. Heading this office is an Executive Director, who has been hired to manage the administration and record keeping affairs of the Plan as well as oversee a support staff assisting in the operation of the Plan. All pension contributions and related plan member data should be sent to the attention of the Fund Office. In addition, the Fund Office is available to help you by answering any questions you may have or assistance you might need in completing your pension application. You can contact the Fund Office at:

Phone Number:  905-889-6200 / 1-800-287-4816
Fax:                  905-889-7313

General E-mail: info@mspp.ca

Address:  105 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 310
                             Thornhill, Ontario
                             L3T 7W3

The information contained in this website summarizes the official rules and regulations of the MSPP Plan Text, however should there be any discrepancies between the information maintained on the website and the Plan Text, then the Plan Text will govern. For your convenience we have posted on the website a copy of the Plan Text and the Declaration of Trust for the MSPP, for your convenience. If there are any discrepancies between the English-language and the French-language versions of the Plan Text or the Trust Agreement the English-language versions will prevail.

The Plan is registered with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, because the majority of members work in Ontario but the Plan supports members from coast to coast. The Plan registration number is 1085653.

If you have any questions about the Pension Plan, please do not hesitate to contact the Fund Office.

Latest News

    We will be sending tax slips to our pensioners, survivors and beneficiaries by the end of February. If you haven't received your tax slip by early March, please contact the Fund Office; we will confirm your mailing address and send you another slip.


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