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  • An Actuary is a person or firm which specializes in the calculation of pensions and their value at any given point in time based on future unknown events.


  • A pension purchased through a contract with an insurance company, commencing as early as age 55.


  • A Beneficiary is the person you have designated to receive, in the event of your death, any pension benefits that may be owing to you from the Plan. It is import for you to inform the Fund Office of your Beneficiary and any change of your intended Beneficiary using the form available from the Fund Office or the Plan's website.

Break-in Service

  • When no contributions are required to be made to the Plan in respect of a Participant and no self-payments are being made to the Plan, a Participant may elect to incur a Break in Service and terminate his or her status as a Participant in the Plan. A Participant will be excluded from this during the following periods:

    • a period of absence due to illness or disability, where he or she remains on the Contributing Employer's payroll for purposes of retaining seniority pursuant to the terms of the collective agreement;
    • a period of lay-off which is subject to recall pursuant to the terms of the collective agreement;
    • a period of absence for pregnancy or parental leave to the maximum permitted under the Ontario Employment Standards Act;
    • a period of strike or lockout;
    • a period of approved leave of absence without pay

Contributing Employers

  • This is an employer that; is bound by a Collective Agreement or Participation Agreement requiring it to make contributions to the MSPP; has been approved for participation in the Plan by the Trustees; and, is making contributions to the Plan as required.

Commuted Value

  • This term is used to describe the current value of a pension benefit accumulated at the time of a Participant's termination of participation in the Plan calculated according to the regulations of the Pension Benefits Act, and the rules of the Plan using a formula acceptable to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Future Service

  • years worked after contributions to the Plan on your behalf begin.

Normal Retirement Date

  • The first of the month coinciding with or the next month following the attainment of Normal Retirement Age (age 65).


  • A Participant is an employee who has met the eligibility rules outlined in the section of the booklet entitled Participation in the Plan. Becoming a Participant is the first step in becoming eligible to receive a pension from the Plan.

Past Service Credit

  • Past Service may increases the amount of monthly pension available to eligible members in recognition of their service with their first Contributing Employer prior to the date that that employer made its first Contribution to the Plan. The maximum Past Service available under any circumstances is seven years.


  • When the word Plan appears, it refers to the MSPP.


Under Ontario pension law, your spouse is the person living with you and is:

1 married to you, or
2 not married to you but has been:

• in a conjugal relationship with you continuously for at least three years, or
• in a relationship of some permanence with you if you are the parents of your own or adopted child, as defined in the Family Law Act (Ontario).

‘Spouse' may be defined differently in different provinces and in federally
regulated employment.

NOTE: If you work in a province other than Ontario, the definition of ‘‘Spouse" may differ. Please contact the Fund Office for more information.

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