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Past Service Credit for Groups Joined effective January 1, 2012

You may also be eligible for up to seven years of Past Service Credit for the time you worked for your first Contributing Employer before that employer joined the Plan. If you are eligible, the amount of your Past Service target benefit is determined based on your years of Past Service Credit and your maximum contribution rate for 12 continuous months.

To qualify for Past Service Credit, if your employer became a Contributing Employer on or after January 1, 2012, you must:

• have worked for your first Contributing Employer continuously from your seniority date up to the date they made their first contribution to the Plan; and,

• be a Participant in the Plan from the time your employer joins the Plan.

 If you are working for an employer approved January 1, 2012 or later, you may be eligible to receive "Past Service Credits" for your years with this employer prior to participation. You will receive one year of Past Service Credit for each year of contributions in the Plan, up to a maximum of seven years (or 84 months).

 If you are working for an employer that was approved entry into the Plan prior to your joining, you are not entitled to Past Service Credit.

 Please note that under no circumstance can you receive more Past Service Credit than the lesser of seven years or your length of employment with that employer prior to its first contribution to the MSPP.


Past Service Target Benefit (per month)

Current Service/

Past Service Credit*

12-Month Total Contribution Rate**






1 year


$ 23.28

$ 19.95



2 years


$ 46.56

$ 39.90



3 years


$ 69.86

$ 59.85



4 years


$ 93.12

$ 79.80



5 years



$ 99.75



6 years






7 years or more






 *For each year of current service, you will receive 1 year of Past Service Credit.

**The combined employer plus employee contribution rate must be equal to at least 8% during any 12 consecutive month periods in order to earn the full Past Service Credit under the 8% column. If the combined contribution rate during any 12 consecutive month period is less than 8%, then the amount of the Past Service Credit will be prorated as set under the applicable column showing your 12-Month Total Contribution Rate.

The pension amounts in the above chart represent Past Service Target Benefits only. It does not include the Future Service Target Benefits you will earn during your years of participation in the MSPP. This chart is for illustrative purposes only. If there are any discrepancies between these charts and the Rules and Regulations of the Plan, the Rules and Regulations will govern.

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