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Participation In the Plan:

Your participation begins with the start of contributions to the Plan by you and by you employer, and allows you to start earning Vesting Service, once your employer has been approved for participation as a ontributing Employer.

Becoming A Participant:

Participation in the Plan is compulsory for all employees covered by a Collective Agreement which provides for contributions to the MSPP and who work for a Contributing Employer after fulfilling the eligibility rule. You will be eligible to become a Participant in the Plan on the later of: The date your employer was obliged to make contributions to the Plan on your behalf, or The first day of the month following the month in which you complete the required hours of employment with your employer, provided that on the date you completed those hours your employer was obligated to contribute to the Plan on your behalf. Normally in Ontario this will be 500 hours, but this number does vary based on the terms of your collective agreement.

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