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Death Benefits

The benefit paid on death depends on a number of variables. If the Plan member has less than two years of participation then the participant's contributions plus interest is refunded to the surviving spouse designated beneficiary or estate. After two years of Plan membership, the benefit paid depends on whether you have a spouse and the date of death.

Should death occur prior to retirement the surviving spouse or beneficiary or estate, if no named beneficiary, will receive a benefit the amount and terms are depend on jurisdiction:

  • estate or beneficiary do not receive a pension
  • in some jurisdictions beneficiary only receives refund of member contributions plus interest
  • spouse not always entitled to immediate pension.  Also, in some case spouse is entitled to the 60% joint & survivor as if member had elected before death.

Should death occur after retirement the amount paid to the survivor (beneficiary) depends on the option chosen at the time of retirement. For example, if the retiree chose a joint and survivor pension the surviving spouse would be paid the chosen percentage of the deceased member's pension for the lifetime of the surviving spouse.


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