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Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions and you'd like to see an answer please email us at info@mspp.ca

Q.) When an employee is on a leave of absence what is the procedure?

A.) When an employee goes on a leave of absence it is their own responsibility to send the appropriate form to the Fund Office if they wish to continue to contribute. Their employer will inform the Fund Office of the type of leave and start date and return date. It is the employee's responsibility to express his/her intention to continue contributions to the Pension Plan.

Q.) When can self payments be made?

A.) Self payments can be made upon an approved leave of absence. It could be Maternity Leave, sick leave or emergency leave or an unpaid leave. It's the Employee's responsibility to inform the Fund Office and fill out the required forms if they wish to continue contributing.

 Q.) When are annual statements sent out and what is stated on the annual statement. Why doesn't the annual statement show the contribution separately when working with more than one employer.

A.) Annual statements reflecting contributions for the calendar year are sent out from March to June of the following year.  For Example, for the year 2010 these were sent out anytime from March 2011 to June 2011. If the employee is working with more than one employer the contribution will reflect the combined contributions of both the employers.  A separate statement is not printed for each employer.

Q.) Local representatives ask what documents are needed when a new Employer is interested in joining the Pension Plan?

  • A signed Collective Agreement between the Local and the Employer. The collective agreement should contain the standard Pension Language for MSPP.
  • A Union negotiated package is available from each union which contains the required language.

Q.) How long can I contribute to the Plan.

A.) You may contribute to the plan as long as you work for a participating employee by end of the year in which you turn the age of 71 years. You must stop contributing and start collecting a pension even if you continue to work.

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