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About The Plan

The Multi-Sector Pension Plan (MSPP) is a relatively new multi-employer pension. It is expected to cover all of those CUPE and SEIU workplaces where, until now, it has been hard, if not impossible, to find a good defined benefit pension plan. So, if you have no existing multi-employer, defined benefit, public sector plan to join, the MSPP is for you.

The MSPP is the responsibility of trustees appointed by CUPE and SEIU. The employer's only responsibility is to ensure pension contributions are made and to supply the Plan Administrator with the information necessary to meet its legal commitments.

The pension benefits you receive from this Plan are paid for through contributions from both you and your employer. The benefits payable to you is determined by the total contributions received on your behalf and, if applicable, your eligible years of employment prior to making contributions to the Plan.

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